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Dean of the Faculty

Hoshi Shuichiro
Dean of the Faculty of Law
Dean of the Graduate School of Law and Politics
Hoshi Shuichiro

  Welcome to the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan University School of Law and Politics.
  Building on the 50-plus-year tradition of our predecessor university, the Faculty of Law provides specialized education in the areas of law and politics.
  Internet socialization and rapid globalization, which are some of the distinguishing characteristics of today's world, raise complex issues that cannot be solved using traditional approaches. That is why our motto is "education to develop the potential of each student" and our aim is to thereby cultivate human resources capable of actively addressing the many challenges facing the modern world.
  Our faculty of law, which students start in their first year of undergraduate study, feature lecture classes and seminars which complement each other for an outstanding educational experience. In the lecture classes, students master fundamental knowledge and systematic theories concerning law and politics, while the specialized seminars give students opportunities to exercise their creativity and independent thinking in their studies. Leading our programs are our excellent faculty members, many of whom play central roles in academic circles in law and politics. In this environment, each student acquires advanced knowledge and research skills in law and politics along with the ability to think holistically, informed by a broad perspective and innovative ideas.
  Graduates of our predecessor university's Department of Law and the School of Law and Politics are active in a broad spectrum of areas, such as business, public service, and journalism. For students aspiring to become lawyers, we offer the very attractive option of going on to the university's Law School which enjoys excellent achievements in the bar examination passage rates. Moreover, since professors at the Law School are also involved in undergraduate education, students can begin preparing for the legal profession even as undergraduates. For students aspiring to become specialized researchers in law or politics at universities or research institutes in Japan or overseas, we have the Department of Law and Politics of the Graduate School which has enjoyed a solid reputation for training up scholars since the days of our predecessor university.
  In this way, we offer a diverse curriculum that helps students gain the skills they need to achieve their future aspirations in various sectors of society. All faculty members look forward to seeing students challenge themselves intellectually at our Faculty of Law.

Greeting (Dean of the Department of Law and Politics )

Osawa Mugi
Dean of the Department of Law and Politics
Dean of the Department of Law, the Faculty of Law
Ito Masatsugu

  The Graduate School of Law and Politics, Department of Law and Politics consists of the Division of Law and the Division of Political Science. These divisions inherited a tradition of nurturing students of legal and political science, a tradition that has been held for over 50 years by the Tokyo Metropolitan University’s former Graduate School of Social Sciences’ Department of Law and Department of Politics. These divisions nurture students and provide them with advanced knowledge in legal and political studies.
  Concurrently, legal and political studies, which play a role in providing an intellectual foundation for designing and operating governing rules and for conflict resolution in a modern society, are confronting challenges that cannot be resolved with a traditional mindset. This department nurtures highly specialized professionals who confront these challenges and participate actively in modern society.
  In order to nurture these individuals, this department created an academic and research environment not seen in any other graduate institution. The best feature of this department is research guidance through “comprehensive seminars” offered in each division. The graduate students in each division receive individual research guidance from our guidance consolers and also receive advice from a wide variety of viewpoints during our “comprehensive seminars” that cover topics such as composing a dissertation or similar. These seminars are conducted in a panel style and attended by our entire faculty and graduate student body. Since the days of Tokyo Metropolitan University, these comprehensive seminars utilize small seminar sizes and are the basis of the teaching system of this department, which is highly regarded in academia as a research guidance method and is a distinctive feature of this department. In addition, this department also establishes an enhanced research environment through access to carrel desks or similar for all students, including those in the master’s program.
  A large number of our students fill leading roles in our graduate and research institutions and various societies related to these departments. Our graduates have highly specialized knowledge and actively participate on the forefront of each field. In conclusion, we actively recruit exchange students from overseas and send forth professionals that are active as researchers or public servants in their home countries once they return.
  The faculty here at the Graduate School of Law and Politics, Department of Law and Politics extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone who is interested in diving into the theory of or finding practical resolutions to various complicated legal and political issues.

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