Faculty Entrance Examinations

The Goals and Admissions Policy of the School of Law and Politics
  Aiming to train specialists that will lead the development of Japan, we at the School of Law and Politics teach and research cutting-edge developments in law and politics, while providing students with the advanced knowledge and applied skills suited for a bachelor’s degree (Law).
  In order to achieve our goal, the School of Law and Politics has inherited the excellent tradition from the Department of Law at the former Tokyo Metropolitan University and provides education that develops the potential of each student.
  We hope to welcome the following types of students.
  1. Students that wish to learn law a,nd politics in order to solve the various problems of modern society;
  2. Students with the motivation to actively participate in socially significant activities;
  3. Students that wish to work on the front lines of the justice system, government, or journalism among other fields.
Admissions Policy for each Course
  Students that are admitted to the School of Law and Politics will select between “the Division of Law” and “the Division of Politics” upon beginning their second year.
  It is not necessary for students to choose in advance the course they wish to pursue at the time of admission, but in each of the courses, we welcome the following kinds of students.
The Division of Law
  1. Students with the motivation to explore solutions to the various problems of modern society;
  2. Students that wish to pursue occupations that contribute to society, in particular, legal professions such as judges, prosecutors, or lawyers, or state and national civil service;
  3. Students that wish to gain the qualities and abilities necessary to become leaders of society.
The Division of Politics
  1. Students that wish to gain broad perspectives on the field and develop critical thinking abilities;
  2. Students with intellectual curiosity regarding the various problems of modern politics and society;
  3. Students that wish to pursue careers in journalism, government, or corporations.
  Please refer to the Curriculum Description page regarding the detailed course contents of the School of Law and Politics.
Entrance and tuition fees
  Entrance and tuition fees are as follows.
Entrance fee Residents of Tokyo 141,000Yen(estimate)
Other students 282,000Yen(estimate)
Tuition Fee Annual amount 520,800Yen(estimate)
※If there are any changes to tuition fees at the time of admission or during enrollment, the annual amount after the change will apply.
Furthermore, the university offers a system that reduces or exempts tuition fees for students in difficult financial straits and students with excellent grades.
Main Career Paths following Graduation
  The main career paths of graduates (from the last three years) are as follows.
  ・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Metropolitan Police Department, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, City of Yokohama
  ・Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, Daiwa Securities, NTT East, KDDI
  ・NHK, Tokyo Broadcasting System
  ・Tokyo Metropolitan University Law School, University of Tokyo School of Law, Waseda Law School, Hitotsubashi University Law School, Keio Law School etc.
Inquiries regarding Entrance Examinations for Undergraduates
  This university conducts entrance examinations for the entire university.
  Please refer to the Entrance Examination page of the university’s web site regarding entrance examinations.

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